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"BELLEZAS" Exclusive Vinyl Release!

The second vinyl record from Don't Stop Or We'll Die releases TODAY - Tuesday, November 8, 2022! Avail now for order at

"Bellezas" features twelve songs written and sung by Paul Rust and Michael Cassady (featured songwriters for "LOVE" on Netflix, "Central Park" on Apple+) originally debuted on our podcast SONG-A-WEEK where we release brand new fully-produced songs every Wednesday with producers/musicians Emeen Zarookian (The Monkees Farewell Tour, Spirit Kid) and Tony Thaxton (Motion City Soundtrack).

Full length album "Bellezas" featuring select tracks initially debuted to the SONG-A-WEEK podcast audience in 2020-2021, now releasing exclusively on vinyl! Includes two double-sided inserts and all tracks have been remastered for vinyl release.
Bellezas track order
Side A:
Let The Meteors Fall
Denim Vest
Baby Gets (What Baby Wants)
The Stratosphere
At the Latticeview Inn
Side B:
We're The Universe
Sailor At Heart
Little Little Microchips
A Flower In My Garden
I Can't

all songs written and sung by Michael Cassady and Paul Rust.
produced by Emeen Zarookian and Michael Cassady.
release date November 8, 2022.
all rights reserved
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